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about me

I'm a research assistant at the User Centered Technologies Research Institute of the University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn, Austria. There we are trying to optimize the interface between humans and technology, or simply put: make things easy and fun to use. Before I studied computer science I worked as an electrical engineer for several years programming systems for automated (almost intelligent) homes (mainly EIB technolgy).

My research work covers everything involved in human computer interaction - it's just fascinating. At the moment we are working on self evolving user interfaces that adjust to a user's psychophysiological state, without her noticing it. If you've heard of analogous communication, that's the direction we go. We also do usability studies using biometrics, eyetracking- and video-systems and the like in order to discover faults in userinterface-designs. A very interesting topic too...

During my time of studies I gathered really valuable experience - and I'm really thankful for the great opportunities I got: I spent one semester at the arctic circle in Finland studying at the Rovanimi Polytechnic - I tell you, since then I'm a huge fan of Finland and Sauna. Just amazing, either dark the whole day or daylight even in the middle of the night. And people are amazingly friendly up there. After this very interesting semester I was doing an industrial internship semester at the IBM Zurich Research Lab in Switzerland. There I had the opportunity to work with the most knowledgable people in their fields. And because I liked it that much, and they seemed to be quite satisfied with my work too, I also did my thesis about new ways in corporate network visualization there. Needless to say, I fell in love with Zürich too. After a field study in Colombia I fell in love with this beautiful country and their friendly and heartwarming people too.

Besides my research work and programming stuff for Macs and iOS (Swift, Objective C, Java, C, C++, AppleScript, JavaScript) I love to spend my spare time with photography, or out there in nature. There I can relax, think about revolutionary new stuff and tank energy for my next projects.