pearMe is an electronic version of a game known all around the world: finding matching card-pairs, by uncovering two cards at once. Some people refer to it as Memory (as it’s good to train memory), while others call it a matching game.

What makes this version so special is that you can pick your own photos to play with - either from your library, or if you use an iPhone, directly from your camera.

To edit your picture set, or change the difficulty level of the game, hit the white info sign, in the lower right corner before you begin a game. This will flip the screen and reveal a settings page. To change the picture set, click on the “Available Photos” link, to change the number of card-Pairs, tap on the “Number of Card-Pairs” link and make your selection.

To delete default pictures in the Available-Photos section, simply quickly swipe from left to right over the picture you would like to delete, and click the red Delete-button that just appeared.

To add pictures, choose “Add from Photo-Library” and make your selection, or on the iPhone you can also choose “Add from Camera”, and take a picture with the iPhone’s camera.

New: update to version 1.2 as soon as possible, as this fixes a bug that could cause accidental reverting to the default picture set.


Within a mess of hidden photos find matching photo-pairs by uncovering two at any one time until all photo-pairs are found.

©2008 pearworks (Walter Ritter)