In my day time jobs I’m a research assistant for human-computer interaction and a software developer. Portrait photography is my biggest and most passionate hobby. To me it’s fascinating to see how different a person can appear, depending on the angle, the light and the surrounding in which that person is photographed. It’s also interesting to see when a model briefly steps into another reality, for just a moment being that other person, or simply showing a glimpse of a hidden part inside of them that they usually try to keep inside. I try to mostly work with natural light – for me it’s about finding the right light and place to paint the pictures that exist in my mind.

I don’t do paid photo jobs, just time for pictures – this should be fun and not business after all.
If you are interested in a shooting, just contact me here 🙂

Photo by Mayumi Acosta
Photo taken by Mayumi Acosta (©2013 Mayumi Acosta)

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