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pearLabelizer label-definitions

If you would like to share your own label definitions with others, just export them (in the label preferences, choose "Export..." from the label-selection menu) and send them to me via email. I'll publish them here on this page.
To import label-definitions just download them and drag&drop them onto the label preference-panel. Of course you can also choose 'Import...' from the label-selection menu.

Name Provided by Date
Zweckform 3652 Walter Ritter 2003-06-15
Herma 4452 G. J. Swaelens 2003-07-01
Avery 5160 Keith Bracknell 2003-08-03
Avery 5261 Katherine Taylor-Worth 2003-08-17
Avery 4732 Roland Mühlberger 2003-09-18
Avery 4737 Roland Mühlberger 2003-09-18
Labelpack included in V0.5 Walter Ritter 2003-11-17
Avery 8163 or 5163 Steve Fontenot 2003-12-27
Avery L7162 Richard Eaton 2005-08-15
Herma 4347 Wilfried Pförtsch 2005-09-25
Avery L7161 Timothy Bates 2005-11-13
Avery L7163 Timothy Bates 2005-11-13
Zweckform 3475 Michael Schnelle 2006-01-19
Avery 2160 Craig 2006-02-13
Avery 2160 Larry Vinson 2006-07-25
Zweckform 3489 Arthur Studer 2006-08-15