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All software on this page is freeware. You can download it, copy it and give it away as often as you like, actually, the more the better. However, you are not allowed to make any changes to the program itself or any accompanying documentation. The readme-file must always be included in distributed copies!
The software is provided "as is" and you use it at your own risk! I don't take any liability concerning any damages or disappointments caused by the use of this software. By downloading software from this page you agree to these terms.

If you think, hey, this is great stuff and want to encourage development of future versions, I would be incredibly happy to get a small donation (whatever you think is appropriate) so I can cover the costs - but please, really only if you think it's worth it. Thank you very much for your support!

pearLabelizer V0.6.9b

(458 kB)

  pearLabelizer is a little utility that makes it a breeze to print addresses or other text onto specific labels of a label sheet. It's pretty straight forward to use, and hey, it even supports drag & drop directly from MacOS X's Address Book/Contacts. Of course you can configure your own label sheets or print addresses for whole groups defined in Address Book/Contacts too. Now with support for macOS Catalina.

Besides drag & drop of text or addresses you can also use a global text view to enter an address, format it and print it on multiple labels. You can select indiviual labels by (command)-click or click & drag to select multiple labels at once.

pearLabelizer also provides a Service-function if you copy it into your Applications-Folder. This allows you to simply select the address in your text editor, choose the pearLabelizer-Service from the Services-Menu and finally all you have to do is select the label on which you would like to print the address.

pearLabelizer V0.6.9b requires macOS 10.10 or higher.
For MacOS X 10.4 to 10.9, download version 0.6.3.
If you still use version MacOS X 10.2 please give version 0.4 a try.

download | screenshot | what's new | label-definitions

pearDict V0.3.3

(128 kB)

  pearDict is a little tool that helps to conveniently access online dictionaries. Best of all: it's fully integrated into your workflow. Simply select a word in any Cocoa based application, choose the 'Look Up on Web Dictionary' entry from the Services menu and pearDict will find the word for you. Or how about that - simply move the cursor over a word and press a keyboard shortcut - pearDict will magically look up the word online. The same also works for current selections or text-cursor placements - of course with customizable keyboard shortcuts. This even works for none-service aware applications.
Of course you can also manually look up words by entering them directly into pearDict's search field. If the information provided by pearDict is not good enough, you are only a mouse click away from the fully-featured dictionary web page.

pearDict is provided for free in the hopes that it makes communication between people of different cultures and languages easier.

V0.3.3 requires MacOS X 10.12 or higher.
For older versions download V0.3.2

download | screenshot

pearCalc V0.6.5


  pearCalc is a freeware calculator, application-launcher and text replacement tool. pearCalc's main window contains just a text field, therefore it uses almost no space on the screen. Furthermore it provides its capabilities via the services-menu to other applications that support services. V0.6.5 adds Catalina compatibility.

download | details | screenshots | what's new

pearLyrics V0.6

(247 kB)

  I'm really sorry, but for now I can not provide pearLyrics anymore. Thank you very much for all your feedback, encouragements and patience. While I can not answer to all of them, you can be sure I read every one of them. Unfortunately, currently I don't have a working version I could send out to friends.

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MacOS X 10.4 or above, or as noted.

If you are looking for applications not listed here anymore, please drop me a note. If there are enough requests I might update and re-publish them, therefore just drop me a note